Neuron Case Study: STH BNK by Beulah (Green Spine)
February 2, 2024

Eight tech companies. Two weeks. One precinct.

2-Week Precinct: Overview

Here's a 60-second overview of our Innovation Night, where we presented a live showcase of our work to industry leaders and clients:

Giraffe Technology

Rob Asher, CEO of Giraffe, demonstrated how Giraffe combines human-centred architectural design with dynamic urban, financial and environmental analytics. It's like a friendly set of computer processes that work alongside you as you sketch. Once ready, the design is passed to the architectural design team to continue the detailed design.


Jessica Christiansen-Franks, CEO and Founding Director of Neighbourlytics demonstrates how they help to utilise insights about asset and neighbourhood lifestyles to attract the best visitors, customers and tenants. Understanding real-time data on a local market's existing trends, amenities, habits, and desires is a critical aspect of precinct design.

Orbital Stack

Kevin Peddie of RWDI showed us his tool, Orbital Stack, which provides vivid data on wind, solar noise and environmental factors in a precinct. The first-of-its-kind, AI-powered wind simulation engine offers instant wind comfort, cladding and airflow analysis. This can guide precinct design by ensuring environmental comfort levels are optimised.

MCG Consult

Dara McGrenaghan, Director of MCG Consult, showed how 3D contamination modelling can allow site planning to exceed traditional methods. Converting environmental data into a 3D data visualisation model can allow for quick, efficient and accurate evaluation of contaminated areas to inform massing on a precinct scale.

Lateral Consulting

Lateral Consulting is a leading property development advisory group delivering large multi-residential and mixed-use developments. Tim Franzen looked at the structural aspect of the precinct design, including concepts and cost plans. Early concept feedback can provide opportunities for offsetting revenue quickly and accurately through comparative design.


Neuron helps make key utility decisions. Neuron's Ben James and Corey Munro demonstrated how the platform generates cost data for structures and services to aid in decision-making. We evaluated options based on the precinct strategy to help the client to make informed, key utility decisions for an optimsed development.

Finding Infinity

Ross Harding and Will Young of Finding Infinity demonstrated how their environmental consultancy can deliver financially viable and technically feasible sustainability solutions. Maximising the sustainability aspect of a precinct from the very beginning can result in zero operating costs and a positive environmental impact.

Forum Studio

Ed Mitchel of Forum Architects joined us live from the UK to explain how our accumulative data can be utilised to create a comprehensive precinct design that covers all the bases. As a precinct design specialist, Ed spoke of the many benefits of creating visually compelling, accurate visualisations using instant data that could be relayed to the client.

Where to now?

The future is here, vividly representing what can be achieved through technology. A year ago, designing a precinct master plan within two weeks was a preposterous idea, but between our tech companies and areas of expertise, it is now a firm reality. Saving six months to a year in the planning phase will help drive better buildings, cities, communities, and a better future for all.

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