Introducing Neuron

We are part of a growing group of industry experts committed to setting a new standard for design outcomes. We are looking for future-oriented industry leaders and organisations to join our group on an exciting journey to demonstrate what “better” looks like. In doing this, we can collectively reimagine how we design buildings and communities for future generations.

Seamlessly integrated cloud-based technology empowers Neuron users with real-time engineering solutions to drive efficient, innovative and sustainable design. Tapping into lifetimes of engineering expertise, Neuron’s engineering optimisation platform empowers its users to solve complex engineering problems against endless variables. This is because Neuron’s powerful algorithms crunch thousands of numbers in seconds (not weeks), helping to make complex decisions quickly.

Neuron’s innovative platform is a major technological leap, unlocking a new world of design optimisation possibilities. Quality documentation empowers users to instantly evaluate budget estimates and risks, maximise net sellable area, and make important design decisions - fast.

This hyper-streamlined process ensures that only the most efficient, cost-effective and innovative design solutions make the cut. This drastic reduction in planning time not only improves design outcomes, it increases the likelihood of achieving DA approval. It’s win-win for clients and consultants alike.


Insurance and quality

It took over 27,000 hours of engineering and technology development to make Neuron what it is today. Built on decades of building services engineering experience using tried and trusted robust technology, Neuron can be counted on for your projects.

Meet our team

Steven Cassells

NER. CEng. MSc. BEng. MCIBSE. MIEAust.

Project Delivery Lead | Director

Steven is an ambitious and knowledgeable professional with ten years’ experience in the Sydney market across multiple sectors. In his previous role as a Principal at Stantec, he led numerous multi-disciplinary teams as a design manager. Steven has extensive on-site experience as a services manager and Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) on some of the largest commercial and healthcare projects in NSW. Steven sits as an expert witness for mechanical engineering court cases and lectures at UTS on integrated services design. He understands what it takes to design and deliver successful complex projects. Steven is the Engineering Lead for Australia and will guide Neuron clients through their concept design phase.

Ben James


With over two decades of extensive local and global expertise spanning commercial, residential, hospitality, retail, defense, and infrastructure sectors, Ben brings a wealth of experience to our team. His prior position as Director of Buildings ANZ at Stantec equipped him with invaluable insights into leading teams and driving successful project outcomes. Ben's primary emphasis was on overseeing major projects and providing strategic business direction. At Neuron, he is dedicated to furthering his involvement in major projects and playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology in engineering.

Ben Connon


Engineering Lead

Ben is a highly qualified engineering professional and Neuron’s Engineering Lead. With over ten years experience delivering large complex projects in Australia and New Zealand for Tier 1 firms Aecom, Stantec and Lucid, Ben brings a wealth of experience and expertise to Neuron’s project delivery team. Ben has a Master of Science (Structural & Foundation Engineering) from Heriot-Watt University and a Bachelor of Engineering, Hons (Aerospace, Aeronautical & Astronautical Engineering) from the University of Glasgow.

Tim Hill

Technology Lead

Tim has 15 years of international experience across various sectors, channels and senior positions helping companies grow revenues through digital transformation & digital marketing. His background in data analytics and customer success planning is why Neuron is like no other engineering service in the world.

Tim is who we can thank for making complex engineering advice as easy as booking an Airbnb for the weekend!

Supporters and collaborators

We are delighted to be supported by many agencies and businesses including Collective Engineering based out of Melbourne, the Federal Government via the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, the NSW Government including funding through jobs for NSW. We are also proud to partner with a growing number PropTech firms looking to solve some of our industries most complex problems, including Archistar, Reomnify, and Giraffe.