Design better, design less.


Intuitive and straightforward, our Neuron residential design tool caters for all levels of expertise. For experienced developers, let Neuron summarise the data you need to create better, more efficient buildings. And, for the rookie developers, let Neuron guide you step by step through the design process.

Reduce risk

Do you need power, water or sewer upgrades? Let our utility connection tool, S.I.R. Neuron, help you understand your risk, cost, and opportunities early, so you can make informed decisions when they matter the most.

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    Why Neuron?

    If you compare a building to the human body, then the Architects create the skin, hair, ears, and eyes. The Building Services Engineers create the heart, vocal cords, veins, muscles, and other components required to bring humans to life. The fundamental building block of the human nervous system is a Neuron. That perfectly captured what we are trying to create; the building block of the design process. A powerful solving engine that does all the heavy lifting in the background so you can focus on producing great, informed functional design.

    Hear it from others

    • Project Manager
      The big sell for me is time. From 3 weeks to 20 minutes for the same or better output. That’s the big selling point.
      Project Manager
    • Developer
      Reducing upfront cost and time is a winner, delaying costs can have a huge positive impact on IRR.
    • Architect
      This tool will actually improve building design.
    • Developer
      The ability to realise cost changes through developing options in the same project provides a great interface for property investors

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