Build to Rent (BTR); Engineering for community outcomes
May 14, 2021
Biophilic Design – Engineering Roof Space Alternatives
June 16, 2021

SEPP 65 changes; impact case study

Neuron was recently invited to assist the Property Council of Australia's taskforce in their review of the proposed policy changes to the Apartment Design Guide (ADG) as part of the new Design and Place SEPP.

Neuron’s software, in conjunction with other Proptech platforms was quickly able to run multiple test cases regarding the proposed changes, specific to built form and cross-ventilation – a design exercise that would have usually taken multiple weeks.

The outcome of Neurons review concluded the proposed changes would result in a 9% increase in construction relating to engineering services, in addition to a reduction in apartment number of 14% (as part of the architectural review by others).

The full submission can be found here:

As fervent supporters of efficient, sustainable and excellent design, it was a rewarding opportunity to use Neuron’s software for the collective benefit of the property industry and NSW residents.

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